Blockstream Talk #6 - Issuing STOs on Liquid, India Adopting Bitcoin & The Future of Capital Markets


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Welcome to Blockstream Talk #6. In this episode, Jesse sits down with Arnab Naskar, the co-founder and business lead of STOKR. STOKR is a digital marketplace utilizing the Liquid Network to create a new age of capital markets. They sit down to chat about Liquid, STOs, countries adopting Bitcoin, the future of capital markets, and much more.

0:00 - Introduction
1:11 - Meeting Arnab
2:05 - What is STOKR
3:51 - Current capital markets being outdated and what the future holds for them
7:35 - What is an STO and their difference between ICOs
11:22 - Liquid being a good way to issue STOs
13:00 - Privacy on Liquid being important
14:46 - Reasons for STOs becoming popular
16:56 - Benefits of tokenization
19:40 - Countries that are setting themselves up well with regulations
21:30 - U.S. being so hard to provide STO access to
23:06 - Large players getting interested in STOs
25:06 - Opportunities of STOs
29:44 - Bridging the old world to the new world
31:33 - Regulators views on STOs
35:20 - Thoughts on El Salvador bond
39:50 - Views on India adopting Bitcoin
42:42 - STOs in India
43:37 - Most exciting future developments in the Bitcoin world
46:17 - Where to find STOKR and Arnab

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